Why Seva At Home Was Created

Seva At Home was created as a solution to the rising problem of insufficient healthcare facilities and lack of care providers that are available for the elderly in India.
Although home healthcare and other caregiving services are on the rise both in the US and India, the availability of a structure that can facilitate quality remote care services to people that wish to take care of their family at a distance is definitely needed.
This is the main reason why the founders of Seva At Home came together to develop a system that would be able to help family members take care of their loved ones at home even if they are far away from them or working abroad to secure their family’s welfare.

How It All Started

In early 2017, one of our co-founders of Seva At Home, was trying to look for a caregiver that would be able to take care of his family in India. Unfortunately, he had a hard time looking for a reliable and dependable service that would provide his family quality care while he was in the US.

This made us realize that a lot of people had the same problem that he was having. Thus, we wanted to find a way to help those people take care of their family in India as much as we want our own family to be taken care of.

A few weeks after, our founders that worked in various healthcare and technology industries sat down and talked about finding ways of creating a reliable and dependable remote care service that would provide people who are living far from their family the proper care that their loved ones need.

Their aim was to give people an easier and more convenient way to hire and monitor caregivers in order to give them the peace and mind, security, and knowledge that their family members are taken care of properly even if they are far away from home.

A few months after that successful meeting,

Be a Part of The Seva At Home Team

If you are interested in having a fun and exciting career helping people, then be a part of our growing company and experience meaningful moments of care and love every minute of the day.

Seva At Home Mission

Our mission is to connect the remote families with trusted and professional caregivers to provide quality home health care, transparency and participation in distant patient’s care journey

Seva At Home Vision

Our vision is a dedication to build a large network of trusted and professional provider partners that can deliver the best home health care to patients and help achieve better health outcomes with love, care and empathy. We strive to bring the remote families and caregivers closer by building a platform that helps communicate and collaborate on patient’s health issues, and prepare a personalized plan for optimal care pathways to manage disease and reduce stress and anxiety for the family members.