Seniors and elders require more health screenings and tests because of their frail bodies and weakened physical and mental state. These screenings are an essential part of preventive care for older people and it can provide tons of benefits for old adults in terms of staying healthy and achieving longevity.

Essential Screenings that are Important for Preventive Care for Elders 65+

1. Blood Pressure Screening:

These screenings are conducted to check for elevated blood pressure on older adults. It is important because hypertension is more common to seniors and this illness increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

2. Colorectal Cancer Screenings:

Colonoscopy is a test conducted to check our colon for cancerous polyps. A specialized camera is used to check for any abnormal tissue growth present in our colon.

3. Eye Screening:

Eye exams are critical for detecting diseases like cataracts and glaucoma, which are common among older people.

4. Periodontal Screenings:

As people age, oral health becomes increasingly important. These exams are carried out to check for any signs of dental health problems that may lead to the loss of teeth and other diseases affecting the throat, jaw, mouth, and gums.

5. Hearing Test:

The loss of hearing is often associated as a natural part of growing old. These tests are conducted using an audiogram that checks the patient’s hearing using a variety of pitches and loudness levels.

6. Bone Density Screenings:

This test measures bone mass to determine its strength. It is highly recommended for people 65 years old and above, particularly females who are more at risk of being affected by osteoporosis.

7. Vitamin D Test:

This screening is done to test the Vitamin D levels in our bodies, which are essential for protecting our bones, and defending our bodies against diabetes, heart disease, and some form of cancers.

Final Words:

There are a lot more essential screenings that older people can undergo to ensure their well being and health. It is always advisable to take these tests as often as possible so that diseases and illnesses can be detected early, hence, increasing the chances of curing it successfully.

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