Gadgets To Help The Elderly Reclaim Their Independence
Here are some ways technology can ease the lives of the elderly.

From medical assistance to companionship, there are various gadgets out there that can simplify the life of the elderly and empower them to live independently. And by increasing their independence, their own quality of life is improved. It is, however, important to keep in mind that they may not be as comfortable using these devices and gadgets as other generations are, making it necessary to make adjustments as they become familiar with them or know when a certain product isn’t right for them. With the right amount of learning and encouragement, they may feel inclined to increase the usage of technology in their lives. Here are some tools that can be used to make them not only more self-sufficient, but also safer.

Smart Speaker
When set up properly, one simply needs to use voice commands to set up reminders, create to-do lists, make calls, play music, check for news alerts, and even send messages. This removes the hassle of having to type and navigate what can be complicated interfaces on smartphones. Many smart speakers are also connected to other appliances in the house, making it possible to control everything from a single device. The speaker also comes in handy when it comes to setting reminders to take one’s medicine.

Automated Pill Dispenser
It can be easy to forget which pill to take at what time, especially if one is treating multiple conditions. To avoid missing a dose, taking an extra one or taking the wrong one—all of which can be harmful—there are now digital and automated pill dispensers that organise the dosages and alert the owner when it’s time to take one.

Panic Button
This is important especially if one lives alone at home and could require immediate medical assistance or any other kind of help. A panic button helps keep both the individual and their family assured that help can be obtained with the click of a button. With various options available on the market, most of them will contact a hospital and relative (or whichever contact is set up) when the button is clicked.

Health Tracker
Available in the form of smartwatches, these devices can track various barometers of health including oxygen levels, fitness levels, heart rate, and more. Advances are continuously rolling in, and some even have fall detection sensors—if a fall is detected, an emergency contact is immediately notified so that help can be brought in. While they shouldn’t be solely relied on to read measurements, they can be helpful indicators if something is amiss.

Tracking Devices
Misplacing items like one’s phone and wallet is both common and frustrating—especially when it happens inside the house. There are Bluetooth-enabled trackers that can be stuck on to or attached to these frequently-used things, and so if they are out of sight, they can be found almost immediately. Some even have built-in speakers, so when you send the alert, they start pinging from their location.

While still not abundantly used or available, the field of robotics is making its way into transforming healthcare. There are instances of robotic companion pets being used to combat loneliness, a surging problem in the elderly.

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