As part of a family, caring for your loved ones can become quite a challenge especially if the one that needs care is unwilling to accept your help.Dealing with resistance, particularly from the elderly is difficult to handle without the proper training and understanding of how they feel.​

Why Elders Resist Care

Most elders that are resistant to care are likely an independent and proud person during their youth. Accepting help from a family member or close friends may make them feel guilty of being a burden to their loved ones.In addition to that, some elders who are resistant to care may be grieving from the loss of a life partner. Thus, accepting help from anyone may mean forsaking the cherished memories of how their partners took care of them.

In other cases, resisting elders are battling mental health issues and they consider any help from other people as a sign of weakness or a means of relinquishing their privacy.

How Seva At Home Manages Care Resistance from Elders

Here at Seva At Home, we rigorously train our caregivers on how to properly manage care resistance from elders. We make sure that they understand how to determine the type of help that their assigned senior’s need by assessing which type of services will benefit the patient best through observation and interviews from family members and loved ones.

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