Older people have complex needs that are rapidly growing faster as time goes by. However, the current health and care systems are still not sufficient enough to handle the complex needs of elders who have a greater risk of getting harmed or even dying as a result of not getting the proper healthcare experience that they need.

Fortunately, there is a new model that was developed by researchers, healthcare industry leaders, and clinical specialist known as the “4Ms”. This new model concept shows great potential in meeting the required healthcare service that older people needs.

The “4Ms” was developed as the basis and core model for age-friendly care. It aims to provide various healthcare providers with action steps and interventions whenever they provide care services to older people.

The “4Ms” Guideline

The “4Ms” purpose is to provide a reliable framework that can be used by healthcare providers as a tool to achieve consistent delivery of quality age-friendly care to older adults.

The “4Ms” of the age-friendly health system is defined as the following:

What Matters

Know and understand the care preference and health goals of each patient in order to align and customize the care settings given to the patient.


If medication is required, use proper medications that are age-friendly and those that do not get in the way of Mobility, Mentation, and What Matters.


Make sure that older people maintain mobility functions safely through regular movements in order to prevent and manage the dangers of immobility.


Identifying, preventing, treating, and managing delirium, dementia, and depression across each care settings when dealing with elders.

Final Words

The “4Ms” guideline can be used appropriately with both healthy and frail elders throughout the entire care settings. It has been carefully refined to produce the best possible age-friendly care for older people by accredited healthcare professionals.

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