Our elders encounter a ton of problems in their lives. This includes deteriorating health, boredom, depression, fear, malnutrition, senility, and most of all the financial incapacity to take care of themselves.

In general, the important problems that older people face in their lives can be systematically summarized into two different categories: Health and Finances.

The Problems that Older People Face

1. Health

Everyone will encounter health problems both physically and mentally as we grow older. The stability of their health is one of the key concerns that seniors have to tackle as they enter their twilight years.

Our body naturally depreciates over time and because elders are at the end of their life cycles, their bodies tend to falter and accumulate disease and illnesses such as organ failure, memory loss, immobility, loss or weakening of sight and hearing, and other critical dysfunctions that may affect their lifestyle.

These health problems cause depression among elders and may eventually make their lives lonely and miserable.

2. Finances

Because of the health problems that seniors face, their earnings are slowly depleted due to the unexpected bills and medical payments that they have to pay for. This may cause their finances to be ruined and due to their weakened state, they can no longer afford to work or earn a living for themselves.

Although money is not the only solution to their health problem, its value in making seniors more comfortable and problem-free during their post-retirement cannot be overstated.

A senior with a serious illness and is incapable of paying for the medicine and healthcare needed basically has a greater risk factor of dying from the illness that he or she is suffering from.

3. Which is More Important?

With these factors considered, the most important problem that our elders face in the world today is practically the financial incapacity to take care of oneself.

This is the reason that we as their children or close family members should help elders as best as we can financially in order to make the remaining years of their lives as happy and comfortable as it can be.

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