What are the different kinds of healthcare at home options for elders? How do you decide what you need?

Seniors strive to lead active, independent lives. Ageing doesn’t have to mean dependence on family members for daily tasks or frequent trips to the hospital for basic checkups and care. Healthcare at home services allow seniors to get medical help and other services in the comfort of their home without worrying about scheduling consultations, transport, finding someone to accompany them and so on.

Depending on the health and lifestyle of the patient, there are quite a few types of healthcare at home options available today. So, how do you decide which one is right for you?

What is healthcare at home?

Before going through the different types of healthcare, let’s look at what healthcare at home means. The objective of healthcare at home is to allow elders to live high quality lives by helping them recover from surgery/injury, manage a medical condition, allow monitoring of vitals without getting admitted to the hospital, as well as improve nutrition, physical strength and security, all in the comfort of their homes.

The following people in particular can benefit from healthcare at home:

  • Elders, in need of monitoring and care, after being discharged from hospital after a surgery or illness or chronic disease management
  • Elderly with an overall decline in health due to age and who would benefit from regular interventions such as physiotherapy, pain management and improved nutrition to stay independent
  • Seniors who need regular monitoring after change in medication (e.g. managing blood pressure fluctuations in the change of season)
  • Elders who need help in daily living activities such as changing clothes, bathing, using the bathroom

3 most popular types of healthcare at home options

While these are the three most popular options, you may need a combination of services to meet your requirements. Your healthcare at home services partner can help you customize a plan to meet your requirements.

Nursing Care

Home nursing care for elders is best suited for elders who need to manage a chronic disease, recovering from surgery or need constant monitoring due to a condition. Nurses can be availed for round-the-clock services or for a few hours per day depending on the requirement. If a senior needs daily help for receiving shots, dressing wounds or daily monitoring of vitals, it is possible to avail nursing services at home for a few hours in a day.

Non medical Care

This type of care can include help with daily activities such as bathing and wearing clothes, helping with meals and groceries, all geared towards helping seniors live more independent and happier lives.

Specialist Care

Some elders may be prescribed certain routines for a set duration to help improve their faculties. These include regular sessions with a physiotherapist (for example, to recover from an injury), nutritionist (to manage certain conditions such as hypertension, or diabetes) or any other doctor prescribed care.

Finding the right kind of care for your loved ones may seem like a complex process. However, home healthcare services providers for elders such as Seva At Home can simplify the process by creating a customized plan for your loved ones to suit your exact requirements.

To learn more about our home care services in India, contact our caregiving team today at +1 (603) 718-4828 if you are based in North America, or at 1800-120-800-003 if you are based in India.

At Seva At Home, we produce a wealth of free health information to help elders live healthier, happier lives. This has been produced by independent research carried out by the Seva At Home team. This information is not a replacement for medical advice. Please consult your physician for relevant medical diagnosis and advice.

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