Meal planning

Meal planning and preparation is one of the most tedious aspects of self-care, but the most important for a healthy lifestyle for the elderly. Many senior citizens fail to eat balanced healthy meals ultimately leading to underlying health issues. It can be difficult to watch as your parents turn away meals, lose weight or let food in their kitchen spoil, especially if they are living alone.

There are all sorts of reasons why your loved one may not be eating well. From medications affecting appetite to changes in their sense of taste or smell or, physical and mental changes that make it harder to navigate a kitchen. The best possible way to make this situation better for them is to get involved with meal prep! Assisting your loved one with cooking meals can make it easier for them to get the nutrition they need. And looking after their every meal can be taxing, especially when you live so far away from your loved ones. Hence, you could always hire a caregiver to help with their meal planning and preparation.

Our Seva At Home nutritionists can support meal planning for elders by assisting with grocery shopping, general kitchen safety, cooking, and even feeding them or cleaning up after a meal.

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