What is General Health Monitoring?

General health monitoring is the continued supervision and oversight of a patient’s health through progressive monitoring, health evaluation, and comprehensive care. It ensures that the patient is given quality care, assistance, and comfort in order to make sure that the patient maintains good health and the quality of his or her lifestyle.

Benefits of General Health Monitoring Service for Your Elders

Senior family members require more attention and care, which you and your family members may not be able to provide due to work or other commitments. For this reason, hiring professionals to provide general health monitoring service for your elders is the best solution to ensure that your elderly loved ones are taken care of properly and their health is consistently monitored for their safety and well being.

To give you some idea on the importance of General Health Monitoring Service for your elder, here of some the benefits that this care service can provide:

  • Significant improvement of the quality of life for your elders
  • Enables early diagnosis of diseases which leads to early treatment
  • Increase the chances of eradicating diseases due to early detection
  • Allows your elder to maintain a healthy, balanced diet
  • Your elder’s efficiency and productivity can be maintained
  • Enables your loved ones to be physically and mentally fit
  • Regular health monitoring and checkup provided by this care service can save you from expensive medical costs in the long run

Acquiring a General Health Monitoring service for your senior family members is without a doubt a wise and beneficial choice. This care service is a safe and affordable solution that provides you and your family with the support that you need and at the same time enable your elders to live their lives enjoyable and independently in the comfort of their homes.

When Do You Need Seva At Home’s Elder Care – General Health Monitoring Service?

Most elders are reluctant to say or admit that they need help even if they are no longer capable of taking care of themselves properly. However, there are certain signs or tells whenever your elders already need help and attention in his or her life.
To determine if any of your senior family members need extra attention and care, the following are some of the signs that you may notice which may indicate that he or she already needs elder care services.

  • Sudden weight loss/gain
  • The onset of new disease or illness
  • Loss of a life partner
  • Diagnosed with a major illness
  • Frequent falls or injuries
  • Change in appearance
  • Persistent problems in health
  • Signs of forgetfulness or confusion
  • Messy or unsanitary home
  • Missed or unpaid bill payments
  • Unavailability of a companion or someone who will look after your elders
  • Difficulty in terms of managing his or her medicine
  • Signs of accidents

If you have noticed some of these signs or indicators with your elders, then it is probably time to acquire Seva At Home’s Elder Care services in order to support your family members and loved ones in making sure that your elders are comfortable, safe, and taken care of properly.

What Seva At Home’s Elder Care – General Health Monitoring Service Offers

If you are worried or concerned about the safety and well being of your senior family members or loved ones at home, then Seva At Home’s Elder Care – General Health Monitoring Service is the best one for you.
Our Elder Care – General Health Monitoring service package provides your elders with a dedicated and well-trained caretaker that will provide care for your elders 12 hours a day, 5 days a week to ensure that all his or her needs and requirements are taken care of properly.

Moreover, for his or her medical needs, our assigned registered nurse will conduct bi-weekly general health monitoring and tests and will ensure that all his or her medications are safely prepared and given on time.

Seva At Home’s Elder Care – General Health Monitoring service care package includes the following:

Personalized Care Plan

Based on the doctor’s recommendations and the specific needs of your elders, an effective and organized health care plan and monitoring scheme will be created according to the patient’s health status and requirements.

12 Hours a Day, 5 Days a Week Caretaker Assistance

Our well-trained and compassionate caretakers will provide appropriate care, companionship, and assistance that are needed by your elders in order to perform his or her day to day activities.

Bi-Weekly (4 hours per visit) Medical Assessment, Supervision, and General Health Monitoring

A highly efficient registered nurse (RN) will visit your elders twice a week to perform the necessary medical tests, health monitoring, and supervision that is needed to ensure that your senior family members are healthy, free from illnesses and disease, and is taking the right dietary meals and supplement that is needed to maintain his or her good health.

State of the Art Mobile Application

Our state of the art mobile application will enable you to monitor the health status and well being of your elders anywhere in the world. It will provide you information about your senior family member’s daily activities and other details that are important to his or her health.

Implementation of Entertaining and Healthy Activities for Your Elders

Our caretakers will encourage your elders to participate in various fun and healthy activities that will entertain your loved ones and make his or her day enjoyable. Activities such as walks, watching movies, and light exercises will not only alleviate his or her boredom but also make your elders more active and healthy.