Our Post-Acute Care Surgery Service aims at helping patients transitioning from a hospital setting to home care to achieve maximum recovery. This care service is vital to patients that have undergone a serious medical procedure such as angioplasty / by-pass, kidney transplant, and stone/prostate/bariatric surgery. Post-Acute Care Caregiver will take care of all your loved one’s daily needs and medical care.

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What is Post-Acute Care Surgery?

Post-acute care surgery is a care service that doctors recommend whenever a patient transitions from a hospital to home care after a surgery or the performance of other serious medical procedures that require intensive care and necessary follow up.

Importance and Benefits of Post-Acute Care Surgery to Patients

Most surgery patients want to continue their recovery at home due to the comfort and convenience that it provides. However, because of the surgery or procedure that the patient has undergone, it might be a little risky to allow him or her to recover at home without the necessary care, monitoring, and guidance that he or she needs to recover properly.
In line with this, opting to acquire the services of post-acute care surgery when recovering at home is a wise and safe decision. It ensures that the patient will be given the appropriate medical care that is needed to fully recover from the particular type of surgery or procedure that he or she had gone through.

To give you a better understanding of what post-acute care surgery service can provide, here are some of its advantages and benefits:

Post-Acute Care Surgery is Not Permanent

Although the duration of most post-acute surgery services can go from several weeks to several months, it is not permanent and this care service will end as soon as the patient achieves complete recovery or at least is healthy enough to take care of him or herself safely and properly.

Post- Acute Care Surgery Is Created for All Ages

While it is common for older people to undergo post-acute care surgery, this care service is created for people of all ages that need close monitoring and intense rehabilitation at home after a surgery or medical procedure.

Post-Acute Care Surgery Is Designed for Patient’s Recovery

Post-acute care surgery is primarily designed to take care and rehabilitate your family members and loved ones after surgery, major medical procedure, or illness. Its goal is to ensure that the patient suffers no complications or problems on his or her path to recovery.

In addition to that, post-acute care surgery makes the recovery process more comfortable at home by making sure that all the medical needs, health monitoring, treatment, attention, and care are provided for his or her convenience.

Post-Acute Care Surgery is Comprehensive and Proactive

It encourages patients to take part in various physical and occupational rehabilitation activities every day to maximize the patient’s chances of full recovery. Moreover, post-acute care surgery makes certain that the patient is closely monitored by a team of medical professionals that includes doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists, and caretakers to ensure that patient meets his or her recovery goal.

Post-Acute Care Surgery Services Offered By Seva At Home

Post-Acute Care Surgery (Angioplasty / By-Pass)

Seva At Home offers Post-Acute Care Surgery service to Angioplasty and By-pass surgery patients. This care service aims at helping patients recover from Angioplasty medical procedures and by-pass surgery by providing appropriate care, medication, treatment, and monitoring that is targeted to recover from these operations.

​Post-Acute Care Surgery (Stone/Prostate/Bariatric)

Seva At Home’s Post-Acute Care Surgery (Stone/Prostate/Bariatric) service is designed for patients that have undergone medical procedures for their kidney stones, prostate, and digestive system. This care service ensures that proper care, treatment, and monitoring are given to the patients to prevent complications and increase their chances of achieving full recovery.

​Post-Acute Care Surgery (KTP)

Seva At Home’s Post-Acute Care Surgery (KTP) caters to those that have undergone kidney transplant operation. This care service focuses on minimizing the effect of a kidney transplant to achieve fast rehabilitation and complication-free recovery.

Preparing for Post-Acute Care Surgery Services at Home

To maximize the effectiveness of post-acute care surgery services at your home, you should follow the simple instructions listed below:

  • Make sure that all medications and prescriptions needed by the patient are readily available to our medical staff
  • Write down the contact details of family members that can be called in case of emergencies
  • Post the name and contact number of the doctor that is currently in charge of the patient’s health records and medication
  • Supply a list of exercises or daily activities that are needed to be performed as prescribed by the patient’s doctor
  • Inform our medical staff of any concerns or special needs that he or she should take care of

Even though all our medical staff are highly trained and compassionate, taking care of the patient can be challenging whenever there is resistance involved. It is advisable to inform your family member or loved ones in advance that someone will take care of all his or her needs to set expectations and make it easier for our medical staff and the patient to bond.