Importance of Continuous Stroke Recovery Care and Rehabilitation

The first three months after the patient’s stroke is critical to achieving the goal of stroke recovery and rehabilitation which is to restore the patient’s health and functionality to pre-troke levels or at least as close as it possibly can be.

During this period, stroke victims can experience a phenomenon that is known in the medical world as spontaneous recovery. Spontaneous recovery is a natural ability that allows patients to recover skills and functionality that were lost after a stroke.

This natural healing process is usually most effective in the first few weeks but is known to continue for the next few months.

How Long Does Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation Take?

Recovering from a stroke takes time and it can be quite a long and frustrating experience for both the patient and his or her family members. There will certainly be some trials and difficulties along the way but it is important for the patient to show dedication and willingness to work towards his or her improvement and recovery and for family members to give support and understanding to make the stroke recovery care and rehabilitation more beneficial and successful for all parties concerned.

Why Do Stroke Patient’s Need to Continue With Stroke Recovery and Rehabilitation After the First Four Weeks?

The duration of stroke recovery and rehabilitation is dependent upon the severity of the stroke that the patient experienced and the related complications that arises from it. Some patients are quick to recover but most stroke victims require some form of long-term stroke recovery care and rehabilitation in order for him or her to be ready and prepared to return back to his or her normal community living.

Moreover, maximizing the period where spontaneous recovery works best for the patient provides optimum recovery success and will be more beneficial to the patient’s health and well being in the long run.

What Seva At Home’s Stroke Recovery Care – Post Four Weeks Care Package Offers

Seva At Home believes in the importance of providing continuous care to stroke victims in order to ensure that he or she is ready to face the world with renewed hope, strength, and dignity. We encourage patients to take advantage of the spontaneous recovery period (First Three Months) where he or she can maximize the benefits and gains that stroke recovery care and rehabilitation can provide.

Our Stroke Recovery Care – Post Four Weeks package includes the following services:

Post First Four Weeks Result Evaluation and Reassessment of Recovery and Rehabilitation Goals

Our doctor that specializes in stroke recovery and rehabilitation will conduct an evaluation of the results of the first four weeks of stroke recovery and rehabilitation, discussing the problems, achievements, and improvement of the patient’s health and recovery status.

He or she will then reassess the health condition of the patient and will create a new stroke recovery care plan and process that will be used for the next 6+ weeks (depending on the health condition of the patient) based on the new goals that the patient want to achieve, continuing with the successful routines and implementing new ones that will help improve the stroke recovery and rehabilitation of the patient.

Daily Therapy Sessions (Seven Times a Week)

Based on the new recovery plan prepared during the patient’s reassessment, our experienced physical therapist or occupational therapist will work towards improving the patient’s recovery success, continuing with the appropriate therapy sessions that will help the patient improve his or her movements, cognitive, motor, sensory, and speech skills, and will introduce new therapy, exercises, and activities that will help your loved ones improve his or her stroke recovery and rehabilitation process.

Daily Rehabilitation Nurse Assistance and Care (12 hours per Day)

Our senior rehabilitation nurse who specializes in taking care of patients with stroke and limitations will help your family members in incorporating the skills that the patient learned from therapy into his or her daily life. He or she will also monitor the patient’s health and medical condition and will provide recommendations that will increase the effectiveness of his or her stroke recovery process.

Monthly Doctor Checkup and Consultation

Our doctor will provide monthly visits to the patient to check the status of his or her recovery and provide guidance and care to make the rehabilitation process smoother and to prevent any complications that may occur.

Daily Caretaker Assistance and Safety Monitoring (Every night 12 hours a Day)

Our caring and compassionate caretaker will provide assistance and care to the patient every night to make sure that he or she is safe and monitored for any complications or problems that may arise 24 hours a day. He or she can also assist your loved ones in taking a bath, dressing, eating, and performing other day-to-day activities.